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Service and Support


Customer Service and Support for ezCash Collection Software

Our Support Services operation is a customer-focused team of experienced professionals who are committed to providing dependable and timely resolution to each ezCash inquiry we receive. We efficiently handle every call, and each inquiry is tracked from the moment of contact to its satisfactory resolution.

ezBackOffice Support Services continually and proactively communicates vital information covering the availability of new product releases and current release patches to our installed ezCash client base. Clients with existing maintenance contracts are entitled to receive telephone support during normal business hours. These customers can also receive regular and timely software updates as well as 24-by-7 online access to our comprehensive knowledge base.

Telephone Support

Our technical support telephone personnel are available during regular working hours, and are pleased to set teleconference appointments for collaboration. 24 hours a day, seven days a week our team is available for emergency support.

Onsite Support

ezBackOffice onsite technical support personnel are also available during regular working hours, and will also set up meetings for collaboration. 24 hours a day, seven days a week our team is available to provide any emergency support you need.

Software Updates

Once each year, we release an updated ezCash software version that lets you enjoy the new functionalities we've added. Throughout the course of the year we solicit constructive ideas from our clients, prospective clients and industry experts. The finest receivables and collection minds in the business have collaborated to make ezCash the most comprehensive solution available.