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We provide implementation assistance for ezCash Collection Software

We work with your information technology professionals or external technology consultants to install ezCash software and configure it to the specifications outlined in the detailed project plan. Aside from the physical location, implementation involves the same steps in a Software-as-a-Service or SaaS environment as it does on an internal network or intranet.

A typical intranet solution will require the procurement of an Intel based server, Microsoft Windows 2003/8 operating system and Microsoft SQL Server 2005/8 Database software. ezBackOffice will configure this system on your network (or ASP's network), optimizing the network configuration. This may require multi-homing the server to handle large amounts of traffic.

In a SaaS environment, ezBackOffice supplies and maintains the computing environment. This includes the network, firewall, servers, backup, redundancy, and software. In a SaaS environment, you only provide the data.

The implementation process also entails loading the initial ezCash database and defining the periodic scripts to update the database from your accounts receivable or ERP systems. Typically, these scripts are scheduled to run automatically each night, or at intervals agreed upon in the assessment and planning step.