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What is the underlying technology of ezCash?

ezCash is built on the Microsoft technology platform. We have combined this proven technology with years of experience collecting accounts receivable to develop ezCash. Desktop PCs can access ezCash using Internet Explorer 6.0 or newer. The software application resides on a Windows 2003/8 Server running Internet Information Server 6.0/7.0 and SQL Server 2005/8.

The ezCash application takes advantage of the latest DHTML and JavaScript technologies on the Client (desktop) and VBScript and COM technologies on the Server.

Microsoft's Windows architecture distributes an application in several layers called tiers. From an application standpoint, ezCash is operating in a three-tier model:

Our technology is based on a distributed 3-tier model

Although tiers often reside physically on different machines, it is possible to have all three tiers on a single server.

ezCash can scale up for larger installations by distributing tiers across multiple servers. A typical large-scale implementation would use two servers: an Application server that runs Internet Information Server and contains the Business services, and a Database server that runs SQL Server and handles data storage.