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Working Capital Management

ezCash enables companies to collect their outstanding accounts receivable more effectively than any other accounts receivable or collection system on the market today. The web-based nature of our application enables companies with multiple or different accounts receivable information systems to see their entire outstanding accounts receivable portfolio, age it and analyze it to maximize their collection efforts. ezCash can operate across multiple, different ERP and legacy accounts receivable systems as well as multiple currencies.

ezCash increases available cash and reduces carrying costs by accelerating the collection of your accounts receivable. Acceleration is achieved by organizing and prioritizing collection efforts, tracking customer promises, and following-up on broken promises. Intuitive, online visibility to key information, such as invoice copies and remittance images, increases the time collectors have available to contact customers, and reduces the time spent searching for documents.

ezCash has the potential to generate a Return on Investment in excess of 100% in 6-12 months, solely based on the interest savings resulting from less DSO. When you include productivity savings, the payback period drops dramatically.

ezCash helps public companies comply with Section 404 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002. Compliance is achieved through greater visibility into the invoice-to-cash process, control over the collection process, and real-time metrics that allow you to measure your process improvements.

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