Segment your customer base and apply custom debt collection strategies to each segment.

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Benefits of using cash collection software Workflow driven functionality Technology enables collaboration and tracking

Collection Process

Task automation, intuitive user interface, and dynamic workflow help you build an effective collection process. Apply proven collection strategies that will help increase your cash flow.

Collection Management

  • Dynamically create tasks for an individual collector or a pool of collectors by selecting task generation parameters.
  • Real-time workload management and monitoring.
  • Collections strategies are driven by days, conditions, events and subsequent actions.
  • Collection letters can be tied into a strategy or generated adhoc.
  • Account reviews and collection metrics keep you aware of your progress.


  • Automatically generate task lists from missed promises and user initiated follow-up actions.
  • Clicking on the "next" button brings up the next account on the task list.
  • Intuitive, online visibility to key information, such as invoice detail and remittance images, increases the time collectors have available to contact customers, and reduces the time spent searching for documents.

Dispute Resolution

  • Allows customers to apply for deductions through an Extranet interface as well as perform status checking.
  • Collectors can flag disputes at the invoice level and assign internal actions necessary to resolve. Color coding readily identifies disputed invoices.
  • Resolution strategies are automatically assigned based on the type of dispute.
  • Easily identify partial payments and unapplied credits.
  • Retrieve Proof of Delivery with the click of a mouse.


  • Intra-organization visibility to accounts, actions and dialogue.
  • Customer self-service access to invoices and statements.
  • Third Party access to selected accounts.

Management Dashboard

Provides a snapshot of your receivable portfolio. Data aggregation and drill down capabilities allow you to take a proactive approach, leveraging your entire organization.

Open Items

  • Views by customer, collector and organization use color coding to indicate which accounts or invoices are past due and which have notes or calls recorded.
  • Online aging with system definable aging buckets.

Cash Receipts

  • Accepts cash receipt data from multiple lockboxes.
  • Capture images of remittance details and provide rapid access to check detail.
  • Powerful adhoc cash receipt inquiry lets collectors easily locate missing or misapplied payments.

Credit Control

  • Account payment history
  • Credit hold and scoring
  • Integrated Experian and Dunn & Bradstreet interfaces

Real-time Reporting

  • Views by function and organization
  • Top "n" accounts
  • Organizational drill down and column sorting capabilities
  • Aging and collection history
  • Customer summarization - parent/child associations
  • Easily download report data in an Excel spreadsheet.