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ezBackOffice announces availability of ezCash 4.6

Easy-to-use Collections Software Builds Working Capital

BRYN MAWR, PA- September 14, 2004 - ezBackOffice™, the receivable management software company, today announced the availability of ezCash release 4.6, its web-based collaborative software solution that enables businesses to collect their outstanding accounts receivable faster and more efficiently.

The latest version of its industry leading receivable management application includes role-based dashboards, functionally rich collection strategies, and a continued emphasis on ease-of-use.

With the expansion of the role-based dashboards, all users are presented with a comprehensive and consistent view of the information critical to the role they serve within the business. Information that is as broad and discrete as today’s collections for the entire company or as refined as past due receivables that are scheduled for immediate follow-up. What’s more, all of this information and collaboration can be freely shared through a browser-based interface across all departments within the organization. This ensures your employees know -- in real time -- about any collection or customer satisfaction issues before they contact your customers.

The enhancements incorporated into the ezCash collection strategies allow businesses to dynamically align collection strategies with customers - driving individual collector actions. This consistent and balanced approach to the collection process greatly improves collector utilization and productivity. By deploying custom collection strategies for different types of customers, your collectors can focus the appropriate level of effort on each customer, maximizing overall collections.

Release 4.6 continues our commitment to delivering turnkey solutions that help organizations improve cash collections, reduce days of sales and increase available working capital. This latest release simplifies common actions by streamlining navigation, reduces click streams by embedding logic and improves the overall user experience, making ezCash one of the simplest applications to understand and use. This means collectors can contact more customers per hour - which translates into more working capital for your business!

About ezCash Software

ezCash is a web-based, collaborative software application that enables you to do just what our other clients are doing --- collect their outstanding accounts receivable faster. Acceleration is achieved by organizing and prioritizing collection efforts, tracking customer promises, and following-up on broken promises. Intuitive, online visibility to key information, such as invoice copies and remittance images, reduces the time spent searching for documents and increases the customer contacts per hour. By sharing common knowledge about an account, a business can take coordinated actions to not only make collections quicker, but also improve customer relationships.

About ezBackOffice

ezBackOffice is an application software and services company offering innovative web-based solutions, enabling Fortune 5000 companies to realize significant improvements in their back office operations. Our solutions are designed to benefit the medium-to-large size company. Our ezCash credit and collection solution empowers our clients to extract greater value from their accounts receivable operations, significantly lowering their operating expenses and accelerating their cash flow. ezBackOffice solutions are designed to run on Microsoft™ (MSFT) Windows 2000™ and 2003 Operating Systems and easily interface with the industry leading ERP solutions from Oracle™ (ORCL), PeopleSoft™ (PSFT) and SAP™ (SAP).

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