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ezBackOffice announces availability of ezCash 2.0

BRYN MAWR, PA- April 3, 2001 - ezBackOffice, the application software company, today announced the availability of ezCash release 2.0, a web-based collaborative software solution that enables companies to collect their outstanding accounts receivable faster and more efficiently.

ezCash, is an innovative application of web-technology that enables finance organizations to accelerate cash flow by dramatically improving the accounts receivable collection process. Company personnel can track collection efforts and share knowledge about an account. Through this collaboration, coordinated actions facilitate faster collections as well as improve customer relations. For example, before speaking with a customer, Sales and Service personnel can remotely review account balances and plan steps to resolve payment or customer satisfaction issues.

ezCash is valuable for any company with a large number of customers or invoices, especially those that depend on data from multiple ERP and legacy systems to help them collect their outstanding accounts receivable. Its collaborative design enables people to see the entire outstanding accounts receivable position, age it and analyze it to optimize collection efforts.

By reducing accounts receivable, typically measured in Days of Sales Outstanding (DSO), our clients will increase cash available to the business and reduce financing costs. We guarantee improved cash flow in 90 days!

Release 2.0 is built on the Microsoft technology platform. This release is underpinned by a complete database design that incorporates the business logic and rules necessary to track and collect outstanding accounts receivable. Release 2.0 allows browser-based inquiry and update over a LAN / WAN and can operate effectively on 56kb dial-up lines. Functionality includes visibility to Open Items, Aged Open Items, and Cash Receipts for customers, collectors and client-facing personnel. It also includes call tracking and follow-up assignment of actions necessary to resolve outstanding accounts receivable issues.

About ezBackOffice

ezBackOffice is an application software company that delivers collaborative software solutions that address the business needs of the medium to large-size company. Our web-based solutions help companies manage transaction volumes while broadening accessibility to critical information.